GLOBAL SCREEN - A TELEPOOL BRAND has picked up the rights to the family adventure “Curious Tobi and the Treasure Hunt to the Flying Rivers”

Jan 31st, 2024

“Curious Tobi and the Treasure Hunt to the Flying Rivers” is a stunning adventure film that’ll make the whole family gasp, think, and laugh. Shot at great locations, the film not only impresses with its powerful images, but was also an enormous box-office hit in Germany with over 1.2 million admissions.

Global Screen - A Telepool Brand, has picked up the international distribution rights to this stunning and unique family entertainment film.

Out of the blue, the main character Tobi in “Curious Tobi and the Treasure Hunt to the Flying Rivers” receives a mysterious treasure chest. But the chest is locked and only one person has the key: Marina – a circumnavigator and Tobi's best friend from childhood. Tobi's search for Marina kickstarts his greatest adventure yet. The journey takes him to Vietnam to the largest cave in the world, into the famous Hạ Long Bay with its thousands of limestone islets, across the stormy South China Sea, to nomads in the Mongolian steppes and on to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Tobias Krell (aka Curious Tobi) and his congenial partner Marina Blanke whisk young and old off on an exciting scavenger hunt around the world to solve the riddle of a mysterious treasure chest and find the mysterious flying rivers. At the same time, this extremely entertaining storyline addresses urgent ecological issues of our time. AIR turns out to be the treasure in the film, and the treasure hunters always treat the young audience as equals when they are explaining air’s importance for the planet and the significance of the Brazilian rainforest for the global climate.

Empathetic, science-based and with really great cinematic images, ‘Curious Tobi and the Treasure Hunt to the Flying Rivers’, a production of megaherz gmbh in co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk/ARD, is infotainment at its best for the whole family!

“Curious Tobi and the Treasure Hunt to the Flying Rivers” will celebrate its market premiere at the upcoming EFM on February 15th, 11.10 am at CinemaxX 11.

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