Storm of Love

Sturm der Liebe

High Definition true
“Storm of Love“ is arguably the most watched European telenovela to date. Sold in over 25 territories (and counting), it has become a scheduling and ratings mainstay wherever it shows.

“One of the ten most successful and valuable drama series in Europe.“ (Source: Madigan Cluff and Digital TV Research 2012)

2870+ x 50 min
English subtitled (several episodes)

The stories the "Fürstenhof" could tell! The five-star country hotel at the foot of the Alps is perhaps the true lead star of this telenovela, a silent but solid protagonist that provides a comforting backdrop for the emotional upheavals that plague each season’s new young lovers. The series’ heart and center is the Saalfeld family – the owners of the hotel – and their employees. They are the permanent fixtures, the guides who take the viewers by the hand and pilot them through the many interconnected storylines and relationships. In each season a dramaturgically independent couple of young lovers holds center stage and, after many tears and heartbreaks, is finally able to come together and march towards the altar. Intertwined with the main protagonists are friends and relatives who build new couples that sometimes extend into another season, thus providing a sense of continuity....

Episodes 1 to 446 were produced in PAL 4:3 full frame
Episodes 447 to 1387 were produced in PAL 16:9 full frame = full height anamorphic (FHA)
From episodes 1388 on 'Storm of Love' is produced in HD

    Key Information

  • Fiction
  • 2016
  • 2266 x 50′
  • Germany
  • Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH for ARD Degeto
  • Made for TV
  • General Audience

    Cast & Crew

  • various
  • Sebastian Wegener, Magdalena Steinlein, Jennifer Newrkla, Jan Hartmann, Liza Tzschirner, Christian Feist, Lucy Scherer, Moritz Tittel, Dirk Galuba, Mona Seefried, Antje Hagen, Sepp Schauer, Joachim Lätsch, Melanie Wiegmann, a.m.o.
  • Bea Schmidt
  • Dr. Peter Süß (Chef-Autor)
  • Marc Liesendahl


  • Fiction/Drama
  • Soap
  • Soap opera
  • Romance

    Language versions

  • German
  • Italian
  • Italian Dubbed (all Eps.) English Subtitled (several Eps.) Please contact us for information on other language versions

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