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A French Summer

Eine Sommerliebe zu Dritt

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Married couple Martin and Jackie meet an unconventional Frenchman named Serge, who both are attracted to. But will their marriage survive it?

Starting over in a new city: Jackie and Martin are a tried-and-true couple trying to make a new life for themselves in Munich: Martin got a better job as head of a trade fair construction team, and leatherworker Jackie finally wants to have a kid after 13 years of marriage. But no sooner have they settled in than Jackie runs into charming Breton Serge, whom she can't help but fall head over heels in love with. Martin has a "magic moment" too … with Serge. The unconventional Frenchman causes a rush of hormones in both, throwing their marriage for a spin. While the laid-back Frenchman seems to take his flirt with both sexes as part of his typical savoir vivre, the couple comes to realize marriage is an erotic downer. But can adultery be the answer for a relationship in a rut? Or a ménage à trois, even? Out of the question. Still, their nuptial harmony starts to crack, especially since Martin's career isn't as successful as he hoped. Torn between marital fidelity and erotic attraction, Jackie gives in to temptation. Her sexual adventure has side effects that send the trio of friends on an emotional roller-coaster ride …

    Key Information

  • Fiction
  • 2016
  • 01:30:00
  • Germany
  • Bavaria Fernsehproduktion for ARD Degeto
  • Made for TV
  • General Audience

    Cast & Crew

  • Nana Neul
  • Paula Kalenberg, Florian Panzner, Vladimir Korneev, Barbara Nüsse, Irm Hermann, Sigi Zimmerschied
  • Beatrice Meier


  • Fiction/Drama

    Language versions

  • German
  • English


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