Cape Of Good Voices

Cape Of Good Voices

South Africa has discovered opera! Singing is as popular now as football, a fact rooted in their strong choral traditions. The country on the Cape of Good Hope has a huge untapped seam of singing talent. The Cape Town Opera, Africa's only opera house with a year-round programme, has recognised this. Once a year the opera house's best up-and-coming singers take to the road in a mini bus to travel the length and breadth of South Africa. The young opera stars aim to generate interest amongst schoolchildren with their songs and at the same time keep an eye out for new vocal talent. The film tells the stories of this adventurous journey through South Africa's provinces, of the enthusiasm of young South Africans for the opera singers from Cape Town and of the discovery of unimagined vocal wonders. The touring singing troupe is as diverse in its composition as the multi-ethnic nation from which it stems, including blacks, whites and coloureds, the colours of South Africa. It is much more than just a curiosity however; until the 1990s, opera in South Africa was very much the sole reserve of the white elite. The personal stories of the singers are touching and sometimes harrowing: many of the black singers involved come from the townships and grew up in abject poverty. The film presents them as strong, self-confident young artists and reveals surprising insights into the attitudes of the post-apartheid generation.

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  • Documentary
  • 2010
  • 00:52:00
  • Germany
  • LOOKS Medienproduktionen for NDR / ARTE
  • Made for TV
  • General Audience

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  • Ralf Pleger


  • Non-Fiction/Information

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  • German
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