Mar 17th 2015

NAKED AMONG WOLVES sold to France, Benelux, Poland, Lithuania and Austria ahead of MIPTV

Munich, March 17, 2015|Global Screen is proud to announce that its eagerly awaited TV movie NAKED AMONG WOLVES has sold to M6 for France, to Just Entertainment for Benelux, to Telewizja Polska for Poland, to LRT for Lithuania and to ORF for Austria. “We are thrilled at the high interest in NAKED AMONG WOLVES“, states Marlene Fritz, Head of TV Sales with Global Screen. “Offers from other territories are on the table and we are looking forward to announcing more sales during or shortly after MIPTV.”

“NAKED AMONG WOLVES has been presented to all major broadcasters in France. The feedback we got from TV buyers afterwards has been overwhelming”, says Kerstin Gruenwald, Senior Sales Manager with Global Screen. 

“We are planning to air the movie as a Primetime TV event in the context of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp this upcoming April”, says Bernard Majani, Head of Acquisitions for the M6 Group. “We were convinced by the outstanding acting and production quality and deeply touched by the moving story and exceptionally decided to show a German language TV movie in our prime time slot.”

The producer Nico Hofmann states, “The high level of interest that this unusual and outstanding TV film is generating abroad makes me proud, especially considering the fact that we recount the events with the greatest possible historical accuracy while also striving to treat the topic respectfully and responsibly. For us, this is another step towards emotionally addressing the issue of Germany’s guilt in such a way that a genuine mourning process can begin. We owe a large part of that to the victims.“

Directed by Emmy® award-winner Philipp Kadelbach (“Generation War”), NAKED AMONG WOLVES is set at the Buchenwald concentration camp in late March, 1945. A three-year-old Jewish boy is smuggled into the camp in a suitcase and discovered by Pippig, a political prisoner who works in the storage room. The boy would have been doomed if Pippig didn’t take pity on the boy, hiding him in the SS storage building. Some of Pippig’s fellow inmates, however, see the boy as a threat, not just for their own safety but for the camp’s underground resistance movement, which is ready to revolt against the SS any moment. The effort to hide the boy and keep him alive becomes a metaphor for the inmates' struggle to preserve their humanity. 

The new adaptation of the classic novel by East German writer Bruno Apitz, which was translated into 30 languages and sold more than 2 million copies. This gripping and touching TV drama is produced International Emmy®-award winners Nico Hofmann, Benjamin Benedict and Sebastian Werninger at UFA Fiction (“Generation War”, “Open The Wall”) and stars Florian Stetter (German Oscar® Entry “Beloved Sisters”, “Stations of the Cross”), Sylvester Groth (“Inglorious Basterds”, “Buddenbrooks”) and Sabin Tambrea (“Ludwig II”) in the lead roles. In Germany, the film is set for a primetime TV premiere on April 1st on ARD.

Global Screen will present this and many other TV movies, series, documentaries and formats during MIPTV at booth P-1.K1.