Jan 13th 2017

10 Nominations at the German TV Awards for Global Screen

Global Screen proudly announces 10 nominations for the German TV Awards (German BAFTAS) 2017. Leading the pack are "Point Blank" with 4 nominations and "Fatal News" with 3 nominations. We congratulate all our producers and commissioning editors and cross our fingers for the awards gala on February 2.

All of Global Screen's nominations:
Best TV Movie: "Point Blank" (ARD/WDR/UFA Fiction)

Best Mini Series: "Fatal News" (ARD/Degeto)

Best Actress: Jutta Hoffmann for "Part of Us" (ARD/BR/Constantin Television) and Katharina Marie Schubert for "Wellness für Paare" (ARD/WDR/Riva)

Best Actor: Edin Hasanovic for "Point Blank" (ARD/WDR/Degeto Film/UFA Fiction) and Martin Brambach for "Fatal News" (ARD/Degeto/Zeitsprung) and "Wellness für Paare" (ARD/WDR/Riva)

Best Director:  Philipp Kadelbach for "Point Blank" (ARD/WDR/Degeto/UFA Fiction)

Best Screenplay: Holger Karsten Schmidt for "Point Blank" (ARD/WDR/Degeto/UFA Fiction)

Best Editing: Andreas Radtke for "Fatal News" (ARD/Degeto/Zeitsprung) and Claudia Wolscht for "Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians" (ARD/WDR/Degeto/Wiedemann & Berg)

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