GLOBAL SCREEN picks up the THE AMAZING MAURICE based on Sir Terry Pratchett’s best-selling novel

Oct 22nd, 2019

Global Screen has picked up worldwide distribution rights (excluding North America, the UK and GST) to the English-language animated feature THE AMAZING MAURICE which is based on one of Sir Terry Pratchett’s highly popular “Discworld” novels that have sold more than 90 million books worldwide. THE AMAZING MAURICE is inspired by the Grimm’s fairy-tale about the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The screenplay has been written by Oscar-nominated Terry Rossio, one of the highest-grossing screenwriters of all time and whose extensive credits include “Shrek,” “Aladdin,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Carter Goodrich, who worked on “Ratatouille”, “The Croods”, and “Despicable Me” is on board for the character design.

Further attached is the core team of the worldwide box office hit “Ooops! Noah is gone”. Toby Genkel is Director. Producers are Ulysses Filmproduktion, Emely Christians and Cantilever Media’s Andrew Baker and Robert Chandler, with Executive Producer Roddy MacManus. Tobis Film picked up the distribution rights for GST and is also the German Co-production partner. German Studio Rakete and Canadian Squeeze Animation will be responsible for the 3D animation, with 2D animation sequences by Cantilever Media. The Film is supported by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, FFA Development and Creative Europe Media.

Global Screen will start preselling this new family animated film at the upcoming AFM with a script and promo in place. The film is planned to be ready for delivery mid of 2022.

Maurice, a streetwise cat, has the perfect money-making scam. He’s found a dumb-looking kid who plays a pipe, and his very own horde of rats – rats who, strangely, are educated and literate, so Maurice can no longer think of them as “lunch”. And everyone knows the stories about rats and pied pipers... However, when Maurice and the rodents reach the stricken town of Bad Blintz, their little con goes down the drain. For someone there is playing a different tune. A dark, shadowy tune. Something very, very bad is waiting in the cellars.

Emely Christians states: “THE AMAZING MAURICE will be the first animated feature film ever made from a Terry Pratchett novel. It will get Ulysses’ complete focus and attention to detail in order to fulfil our promise: to make a wonderful movie from this very funny, unique, strong and awesome story.”

“We are delighted to be continuing our close and extraordinarily successful collaboration with Emely Christians and her team and we can’t wait to present the first material from this incredibly lively and entertaining adventure to our buyers at the AFM”, says Alice Buquoy, Senior Sales and Acquisitions Manager at Global Screen.

Andrew Baker, Producer and CEO of Cantilever Media, said: “Pratchett is a world-class, world-renowned writer and as a lifelong fan it is thrilling to bring to the screen one of his most cherished Discworld novels. The creative talent on the project is indisputable. Terry Rossio’s screenplay is unexpected yet heart-warming and Carter Goodrich’s designs are unique. With Global Screen on board we feel we have the perfect partners in place to take this film to a worldwide audience.”