Willie`s World of Miracles

Willie wants to see the world. He's picked up the travel bug from his 92-year-old friend, globetrotting Mrs. Klinger. Willie goes looking for the great and small wonders of our world, experiencing his biggest adventure ever in some of the most extreme and extraordinary environments on earth.  

Willie will pet heavyweight polar bears, escape from the jaws of crocodiles, get lost amid the teeming masses of the Japanese megacity of Tokyo, and cross the most deserted desert in the world on a motorbike. Everywhere he goes, he meets friendly people who are glad to show him their unique way of living in their own spot of the world. Willie also meets his share of animals big and small, furry and cuddly, gross and dangerous - some of which he wishes he'd never met. Finally, after many exciting excursions, he reaches Mrs. Klinger's favorite spot of all, the Sahara Desert, where he helps grant her greatest wish. A promise is a promise, after all.  

"Willie`s World of Miracles" is an entertaining and exhilarating adventure for kids of all ages, full of spills, chills and thrills, which we can all learn something from.

Please also consider the series "Willie wants to know" 129 episodes x 25min.