The White Snake

A young man discovers the secret of a king's magical powers. Only by communicating with his animal friends - including a very special serpent - can the young man prevent the king from abusing these powers.

A kingdom in the late Middle Ages. Young Endres dreams of a life more rewarding than that of a farmer. Endres offers his services to the King, who appoints him his personal manservant. Endres wonders why his work consists of practically nothing but serving the King a sealed golden dish with which he then remains alone.

Endres soon witnesses various magical incidents which change his view of the King. He learns that the King can speak with animals and learn from them, but that he can also use his knowledge for wrongful deeds... Endres loses his faith in the King who, in turn, suspects Endres of theft and orders him to be killed. While the Princess obtains a reprieve for Endres, the young man finally looks into the golden dish and finds a magical white snake that enables one to communicate with the animal world when it is eaten. When he finds another white snake, the last of its kind, he can give it to the King and redeem himself and his family, or he can take the side of humanity: that of the snake, the animals and the Princess, against the King he so revered...