The Spies of Scientology - Office of Special Affairs O.S.A.

This first comprehensive portrayal of Scientology's OSA, or "Office of Special Affairs," uncovers the notorious, and sometimes criminal, practices of the world's oldest private secret service agency, which is more feared and influential than the secret services of many nations.

Also available: 90 min version

Scientology is one of the world's most controversial sects. Yet even though we are aware that international stars such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta are among the followers of the sect founded by Ron Hubbard. What is less known is that Scientology has its own secret service: the "Office of Special Affairs" - OSA for short - which is run by Scientology boss David Miscavige in Los Angeles. It is the oldest private secret service in the world, and bigger and more influential than the secret service agencies of many countries.   But why does a religious community need a secret service? What methods are used by this mysterious organization and to what ends? Who are the people who work for this "service"? In order to find answers to these questions, Frank Nordhausen and Markus Thöss spent more than a year researching with their camera in Europe and the U.S. The OSA zeroes in on rebels and critics. Scientology agents have already been accused of espionage, breaking and entering, coercion and other criminal acts. In their research, the filmmakers uncovered trails leading to the top ranks of political life - including the State Department in Washington.