The Snow Queen

When Kay is kidnapped by the Snow Queen, Gerda sets out to rescue him and has to pass all sorts of tests and temptations on her way to the Ice Palace in the frozen North. When she arrives her biggest challenge lies still ahead, as three kisses from the queen are deadly?

Kay and Gerda have always been friends. But high up in the frozen North, where the sun barely crosses the horizon, the Snow Queen sets out to burst their bond with icy shards. Suddenly, Kay changes from one day to the next, and then disappears altogether. Gerda sets out in search of him. On her long and difficult road, she has to resist the temptation to stay in the artificially perfect world of Flora the Flower Lady and to become a part of the luxurious life led by the Princess, has to overcome her fear when she is captured by dangerous robbers. But her biggest challenge lies ahead: Kay is trapped in the Snow Queen's Ice Palace, and three kisses from the queen are deadly ?

An enchanting update of the magical fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, shot in snow-covered Lapland.