The Salt Princess (By The Brothers Grimm)

The Salt Princess is the tale of Princess Amelie, who finds a beautiful salt crystal and meets a charming Prince in the woods. When she tells her father the King she loves him as much as the salt, he banishes her from the Kingdom...

It's time for King Christoph to hand over his scepter to one of his three beloved daughters. Hopefully one of them will become as wise and benign a ruler as the late Queen once was. The youngest Princess would be perfect, but she often proves too headstrong. When the pretty Princess goes off exploring the woods once again, she discovers a big glittering salt crystal - and meets a charming Prince from the far-away Kingdom of Bokanda. He falls in love with Princess Amelie right away. But before he even finds out her name, she's already on the way back to the castle. At court, King Christoph has reached a decision: Whichever daughter best proclaims her love for him will be the new Queen. Enraptured by her new salt crystal, Amelie tells her father she loves him as much as the salt. Enraged, the King banishes her from his kingdom. Amelie has to go live in the woods, disguised as a peasant, in despair and dejection - until a familiar-looking good fairy appears to her...

A loveable retelling based on motives by the Brothers Grimm, full of Princes and Princesses, misunderstandings, pride and love.

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