The Big Five of South America

Five expeditions set out in search of the Big Five of South America, five rare species only found on this continent: The Jaguar is the world's third-largest feline, which was long in danger of extinction. The Anaconda can grow to thirteen feet in length, but is only found in a few places in South America. The Andean Bear is the only bear native to South America, who roamed North America as well before the last ice age. The Giant Otter inhabits the Amazon estuary. And the Ant-Eater is a nomadic plains dweller. The expedition consisting of zoologists and conservationists, local guides and the camera team set out on an arduous journey, leaving the last settlements far behind to track down the rare beasts and figure out how to preserve their habitats in the wilds.

Available Episodes:

  • The Jaguar - Spotted Beauty
  • The Anaconda - Secrets of the Serpent King (English, 52 min)
  • The Andean Bear - Ghost of the Mist
  • The Giant Otter - Lord of the Amazon
  • The Ant Eater - Nomad of the Plains

Also available in 5 x 30 min (English), 5 x 45 min