The Big Five of Asia

The Big Five of Asia is a journey of discovery into a part of our planet that is changing at an unparalleled pace, with catastrophic consequences for five of the region's - and the world's - most fascinating animals.

More, new animal species are currently being discovered in Asia than anywhere else in the world. Yet at the same time, some of the region's most fascinating, large animals are facing extinction.

"The Big Five of Asia" presents moving insights and evocative images of these fascinating species.

Available Episodes:
- Asia's Rhinos - Rare Loners (also available as 30 min. English version)
- Komodos - The Last Dragons (also available as 30 min. and 52 min. English version)
- Elephants - The Grey Giants of Asia
- The Amur Tiger - Lord of the Taiga
- Indian Lions - The Kings of Gujarat (also available as 30 min. English version)

Also available in 5 x 45 min