Summer of the Flying Saucer

 Ireland, 1967: During the summer of love, 15-year old Dan's dull existence on a farm in County Mayo is turned topsy-turvy when aliens land in his back-yard. As he tries to drill them in the rudimentaries of Irish social skills, he discovers that passing them off as humans is no easy task. Not only does it bring him into direct conflict with his father and fellow villagers, to complicate matters he falls head over heels for the alien girl, Janis.   But gradually, a bond of mutual respect forms between the villagers and the strangers, as both parties reveal new perspectives and new opportunities to the other. At the same time, the affection between Dan and Janis must be kept a secret, as neither Dan's father nor Janis's chaperone will tolerate it.   Meanwhile, a growing danger threatens from another direction: Soon Dan will be forced to make the ultimate choice: between his family and friends on the one hand, and his newfound love for Janis, on the other.