Spain's Wild North

Visit the untamed wilds of Northern Spain, where brown bears and wolves still survive and thrive amid some of the most rugged and romantic regions of Europe. Ground-breaking camera work abducts the audience to a marvelous, magical world that time forgot.

The northern Spanish regions of Cantabria, Asturia and Galicia are cool and wet, green and wild. For millions of years, the Atlantic Ocean has pounded Northern Spain with storms and rains, carving a dramatic coastline over several hundred kilometers of jagged cliffs and dramatic rock formations. Just inland, the ocean seems to have frozen in place as a sea of rock: The Cordillera Cantabrica, a rugged chain of mountain folds along the northern coast, reaches as high as 2600 meters, holding back the rain and clouds of the Bay of Biscay on their way south.

1 x 45 min. to be available soon.