Santa vs. Claus

Christmas is in trouble. Santa, who has been bitten by the Fame Bug, is now magically split from Claus, his conscience and Christmas Spirit. "Fun, fun, fun" seems to be Santa's new purpose in life - which Claus, of course, strongly objects to.  
 Into this volatile situation strides Vladimir Dragonoff - one of the richest men on earth - who convinces Santa to let him and his package delivery company take over the delivery of presents on Christmas. Vladimir has, of course, far greater plans than that: He wants nothing less than to ruin Christmas for everyone. He desires revenge against Santa - who failed to give him all the presents he demanded as a child. At the heart of the story, though, is Ellie, an eight year old girl who loves Christmas and knows "everything there is to know" about it. But her Father wants nothing to do with it for a very personal reason. Claus, who has "walked out" on Santa at the North Pole, now enters into their lives. He has been sent to live in their apartment house by G - Santa's long-suffering Fairy-secretary. G is also the head of a secret organisation whose purpose is to protect Christmas. But shortly after arriving, Claus is kidnapped by Vladimir's evil goblins. These were conjured by none other than Vladimir - who now knows he must keep Santa and Claus apart if his plans are to succeed. Ellie, her Father, and Aubrey Gnash, an A-plus ultra-Gnome secret agent, set out to rescue Claus - and Christmas.