Refuge Wilderness

Again and again, in the history of the world, there were catastrophes which wiped out many species of fauna and flora. Yet now, as never before, the diversity of life is threatened. And many animals will disappear forever from our world unless people fight to preserve their last refuges. The work of wildlife biologists is one of the last real adventures of the modern world. They investigate an exotic animal world, often living far off the beaten track of civilization in the neighbourhood of indigenous peoples, experiencing their archaic forms of life. Whether panda or koala bear, Sumatra rhinoceros or Asian elephant, tiger or ocelot, orang utan or mountain gorilla - they all have been reduced to their last reserves, and the large animals in particular must be protected must by a so-called "wild animal management". This series which is to be continued reports on the painstaking work of the wildlife biologists, on a fascinating animal world, on more or less spectacular projects which give another chance to almost extinct animal species.