Paulo Coelho - My Life

Adored by his many fans, often reviled by the critics, Paulo Coelho is one of the world's most successful writers. His books have climbed the bestseller lists worldwide for years, have been turned into movies and been read by over 500 million readers in 150 countries. His best-known title is "The Alchemist" from 1988.  

This doc paints a moving portrait of the charismatic and yet modest Brazilian author in various settings and stages of his life: as a heralded international star on the red carpet in Cannes, talking to his many fans, but also his more introspective side, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where he experienced his epiphany on a pilgrimage 1986 that changed his life, and to where he returns after 24 years to celebrate the Feast of St. James with other worshippers. We soon realize that Coelho is much more than a writer of bestseller paperbacks. When he was young, his strictly Catholic parents had him institutionalized several times due to his rebelliousness. In the 1970s, he struggled for freedom in Brazil, which he paid for with torture and prison. It turns out Coelho's own story is just as moving and epic as the stories he writes.

Filmed in HD