Niko 2 - Little Brother, Big Trouble (3D)

Young reindeer boy Niko secretly wishes his single mom and his hero dad would get back together so they could be a real family again. One day, mom has a surprise for Niko: she has met a new guy, an ordinary reindeer named Lenni, who is moving in with his little son Johnny. Niko's world is shattered. When Niko takes his eyes off little Johnny for a minute, his new stepbrother is kidnapped. It's up to Niko and his friend Julius to find him. In a turbulent showdown, in which all of Niko's friends and family pitch in, he saves his brother and learns to accept his new family.

The second installment of world-wide familiy entertainment hit NIKO AND HIS WAY TO THE STARS.

Festivals: Tokyo IFF, Giffoni FF, Tokyo Children FF


Tokyo Kinder Film Festival (2013)
  Grand Prix
    won    Best Film (Best Film in Feature Section)