Monsters of the Deep

Award-winning documentarist Florian Guthknecht whisks us away into exciting, exotic new worlds in this series of gripping deep-sea docs. It is an alien universe he discovers with us - the world of Inner Space.

All three episodes are devoted to mysterious, mythical sea monsters: "Catfish - Monsters in the Lake" sets out in search of the legendary lake creatures. "Jellyfish: Terrible Beauties" accompanies the suspenseful scientific research into the survival skills of the jellied medusas, detecting clues to the secrets of life within them. "The Beauty and the Shark" follows beautiful comedienne Wolke Hegenbarth on her dives with endangered sharks. Each episode derives its special appeal from the fact they approach their unique subject matter - Creatures of the Deep - obliquely, through personal portraits, providing a very human insight into these incredibly alien worlds and creatures.

52-minute version in production

The following episodes are available:

  • Jellyfish: Terrible Beauties (PALME D'OR 2005, PRIX DU PRESIDENT DE LA REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE at Festival Mondial de l'image Sous-Marine France 2005
  • The Beauty and the Shark - Catfish
  • Monsters in the Lake (PALME D'ARGENT at Festival Mondial de l'image Sous-Marine France 2009, GRAND PRIX at International Underwater Film Festival Belgrade 2009)