Mamma Moo and Crow

On a typical little farm down a country lane lives Mamma Moo. Mamma Moo is a cow, but she's no ordinary cow. She isn't the sort of cow to stand there indifferently ruminating all day long never thinking about life beyond the meadow. Not Mamma Moo - she longs to get out.

There is so much to experience beyond the meadow, so many things to do. An entire world where every day is an adventure filled with exciting things for a cow to experience. Mamma Moo wants to learn everything. How to climb a tree, ride a bicycle, play on a swing, or build a tree house. Mamma Moo's best friend is Crow. Crow thinks it's very strange that Mamma Moo hasn't realized that she's just a cow. As he sees it, cows shouldn't ride bikes, climb trees or go on trips into the city. A cow is supposed to content herself with eating grass while staring lazily as the world goes by. Crow tries to point this out to Mamma Moo but she refuses to listen. Crow has never met such a stubborn cow, though he has to admit that it's always fun to spend time with her. It's certainly never boring. Something exciting is always happening.

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