Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti was probably the most famous opera star of the current day. His voice was compared to Caruso's, whom he worshipped and devoted a hymn to, which became a world-wide hit. No tenor of recent years had as much success, more glamour and style, more fans - and more scandalous headlines.  

This doc recaps his legendary life: A fairy-tale rise to riches from a poor upbringing, the adulation of his audience, his very public love life, his battle with his weight, his messy divorce after 35 years of marriage and remarriage to his much younger secretary and mistress, and finally his tragic death. In October 2010, he would have been 75. A parade of old friends, family members, and fellow travelers recall the maestro's biography and paint a detailed, multi-faceted and amazing portrait of the legendary singer and man of passion, featuring exclusive, private footage never seen before.