Lilly the Witch 2 - The Journey to Mandolan

Fresh-baked superwitch Lilly and her goofy dragon Hector have to free the throne of the exotic kingdom of Mandolan from a curse - and the ploys of evil counselor Guliman!

The big-screen success of LILLY THE WITCH continues (1.2 million admissions in Germany). The sequel THE JOURNEY TO MANDOLAN tells the adventures of Lilly, now a superwitch. With her clumsy dragon Hector, she saved the world from mischievous sorcerer Hieronymus. Now a new adventure awaits: The journey to Mandolan! The throne of Mandolan is bewitched - a big problem for grand vizier Guliman, who wants to be king himself. His evil sorcerer Abrash tries to deceive Lilly to help them. But there's no fooling a superwitch! With the support of crafty rickshaw driver Musa and Hector, Lilly frees the noble King of Mandolan and his people from the tyranny of Guliman!