Iron Hans

Little Prince John frees Iron Hans from prison, who then teaches him how to survive in the wild and travel the world. Will he vanquish the Black Knight and win the hand of the princess?? Based on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

A strange spirit called Iron Hans is haunting the wild woods of the kingdom. So many hunters have disappeared in the woods that they're now off-limits. When little Prince John turns eight, the Black Knight shows up at court, claiming he's captured Iron Hans in the forbidden woods and wanting to turn him in to the stern, law-abiding king in exchange for a big reward. Iron Hans is locked in a cage to die, but little Prince John is fascinated by the wild man and frees him. Iron Hans takes the prince with to the woods and teaches him to survive on his own in the wilderness. When the clumsy prince falls into a gold fountain that turns John's hair gold, Iron Hans chases him away. The prince sets out to travel the world until he turns 18, working as a kitchen boy and a gardener in a neighboring kingdom. He catches the princess's eye - and she catches his as well. But in order to win her hand, he must vanquish the Black Knight.