Happy Day

"Happy Day" offers what one dares not wish for and makes possible what money alone cannot buy.

Happy Day takes you on an emotional journey that you will never forget?
This prime-time show fills deep-felt desires and is always good for a surprise. It brings people together who have sorely missed one another and helps convey unforgettable pledges of love. In the make-over category, our Happy Day team will put their all into a renovation?and in a star duet one respective fan can take a place on stage with his favorite celebrity. Prominent personalities and musical show acts are a fixed part of this entertainment format for the entire family.

The heroes of the show are and remain the people and their long-fostered and sometimes even unusual wishes. Goose bumps are guaranteed when:

  • a 20-year old man finally meets his father
  • an elderly woman becomes the belle of the ball for a night and
  • a large family's garden turns into a witch's haunted forest

"Happy Day" is a highly emotional and glamorous show mix. In short, "Happy Day" makes people happy!

Exciting and moving stories from the show will be recalled and continued in the spin-off "Thank you - Happy Day".

51 x 90'

Further 3 episodes by the end of 2018

Broadcaster: SRF (Primetime)