Hanni & Nanni 3

The Lindenhof School is expecting a busload of proper young English ladies as exchange students. The shock is great when the students turn out to be teenage boys! But while Mademoiselle Bertoux is delighted to stage "Romeo and Juliet" with real boys, both Hanni and her sister Nanni fall for their "Romeo," Clyde.

After the enormous success of the first two "Hanni and Nanni" films, which drew about two million viewers into German theaters, the most famous twins in the world are back for more turbulent adventures at the Lindenhof boarding school. It goes without saying that audience favorites and Bambi Award winners Jana and Sophia Münster are again part of the stellar cast of regulars. Christoph Silber's screenplay is based on the children's and youth classics "St Clare's" by Enid Blyton, one of the most well-known and popular children's book authors of the 20th century. The adventures of the Lindenhof boarders always aim to entertain as well as to reflect the foundations of social intercourse, such as responsibility, loyalty and solidarity. The film is director Dagmar Seume's feature debut.

Is Lindenhof haunted? A mysterious figure in a hooded cloak was seen slinking about the hallways of the noble boarding school for girls by French teacher Mademoiselle Bertoux and the twins Hanni and Nanni. But since a busload of exchange students from England is expected at any moment, they decide to track down the "ghost" at a later moment. However, when the bus from the British Isles arrives, out comes not a flock of proper young English ladies, but a pack of rowdy teenage boys. The teachers are perplexed, the girls delighted with this unexpected home delivery of English schoolboys! The pragmatic Mademoiselle Bertoux spontaneously engages the boys to star in her upcoming student performance of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." The rehearsals soon get out of hand, not only because both Hanni and Nanni fall utterly and totally in love with Clyde, the dashing "Romeo" who doesn't realize that he's dealing with twins; Daniela has also cast a covetous eye on the young tragedian and to obtain the role of Juliet,  he declares war against the twins. But the kids have other concerns, namely to sweep the dust off Shakespeare's venerable classic and pep it up with some cool dance numbers... Meanwhile, encouraged by the force of numbers, the youths gather up theircourage and sneak into the attic in search of the ghost...

German Distributor: Universal Pictures (Release date: May 9, 2013)
In its first four days "Hanni & Nanni 3" sold 200,000 tickets in Germany (3rd place in the German cinema charts), making it the best start of any film of the series.