Hanni & Nanni

Hanni and Nanni have gone too far this time. What began as a harmless bet culminated in a wild chase through a luxury department store, and the troublesome twins were even accused of theft. It's the final straw: The two girls are expelled, their parents send them off to Lindenhof boarding school.

A whole new life begins: While good-natured Nanni soon makes her first friends, hot-headed Hanni has much more trouble settling in. The first crucial test comes when the Lindenhof hockey team is due to play against the JoCats, the much-loved team from their old school - Hanni and Nanni have to decide where their loyalties lie. An unexpected discovery helps the two of them to choose. When Lindenhof is in danger, it becomes clear to Hanni and Nanni where they belong. They cook up a bold plan to save the school.

Based on the book THE TWINS AT ST CLARE'S by Enid Blyton.

Based on a novel by Enid Blyton