Georg Baselitz (TV version)

For the first time, this film shows Georg Baselitz at work on paintings and sculptures in his studio, ceaselessly reinventing his methods. A closely observant, intimate portrait of this internationally renowned artist, who had his breakthrough after showing his first sculpture at the Venice Biennale 1980. His works can today be found in all the world's leading museums, fetching the highest prices on the art market.

The doc GEORG BASELITZ is a perceptive, extremely intimate and nuanced portrait of the master, whose life and work are so intimately related to 20th Century German history. An artist who literally turned upside down the art world, and continues to reinvent himself at the age of 75.

"A sensitive and masterly gem - an intimate, gripping film! [?] Evelyn Schels manages what so many critics and art historians have not: Not just explaining Baselitz' work, but loving it." - LE QUOTIDIEN DE L'ART

"The Baselitz we meet in Schels' film is likeable and easy-going. It's a pleasure how comfortable the once so grim artist feels in front of her camera. " -

GEORG BASELITZ is one of the greatest geniuses of his generation. For the first time, the reclusive artist has opened his studios in Germany and Italy to a film crew. Director Evelyn Schels accompanied him up close on trips to New York, Paris and Berlin, as well as in his private life. She was permitted to look at his family albums, talks to his wife and companions, and shows us the decisive events of his life in this enthralling biopic. Baselitz grants us an unique look at the heart of his art. The audience is right there during the most sensitive and critical phases of his creative process, in both painting and sculpture, following each brush stroke, witnessing his doubts and euphoria, discovering not only the artist Georg Baselitz, but also the person.