Five Days with Jonathan Franzen

A rare personal portrait of international best-selling author Jonathan Franzen, who made the cover of Time Magazine in 2010 with his novel "Freedom", and has been translated into 35 languages. 

Jonathan Franzen is one of the world's most successful authors. His books have been translated into 35 languages and won numerous awards. His 2010 novel "Freedom" earned Franzen a spot on the cover of Time Magazine, a rare public appearance for the usually introverted author.  German filmmaker Marion Kollbach visited the writer at home in New York City and accompanied him on a book tour in the U.S. Franzen speaks about his writing, life as a bestselling author, his charity work for the environment, and grants us a rare glimpse at his private life. The team accompanied Franzen on his favorite pastime, birdwatching in California's Mojave desert. We also speak to friends and associates who have known Franzen for many years, such as German publisher Alexander Fest, recalling his first encounter with the then-unknown author. Fellow writer Jeffrey Eugenides relates the story of how they experienced 9/11 together on the verge of Franzen's international breakthrough.