Don't Do It Yourself - DDIY

Whether a deluxe conservatory, an open fireplace or the installation of an electronic entrance gate - what's well planned is half finished!

Our trio of craftsmen attacks demolishes and rebuilds to the max because they are artisans by passion. They execute every client's wish whether it is a swimming pool, a roof terrace or a summer house. The most important thing is an intensive preliminary talk at the client's home so that one can understand exactly what purpose the remodeling or extension is meant to achieve. Then it's time for the conceptual design. A 3-D plan and shopping list for materials are put together. Only then will the drilling, hammering, screwing and painting start and go on until it is fully completed. And the clients can even offer a hand with the work - following the competent instructions of the pros, needless to say.   In this brand new DIY format viewers can pick up a lot of tricks and pointers since the craftsmen explain not only their master plan in detail but also give tips about materials and special tools including their use and handling. Step by step every project is executed problem-free!

12 x 48 min.

Weekly | Daytime