Dohickey Duel

They rest in the attic, hide out in the basement or camouflage themselves in the garage. Viewers have rediscovered them again - the so-called "thingamabobs" and all of them are at least 30 years old. They are the stars of the "Dohickey Duel".

The guessing game about puzzling objects

Duration: 250 x 45'
Frequency: Weekly | Late Night

What was the item used for? Was the thingy used in the fields? Or did it serve to please secret desires? The celebrity panel comes up with outlandish ideas, ludicrous and absurd explanations, discusses and debates on the correct answer. For every "thingy" the host gives up to three additional clues. If the comedians don't guess the answer within a few minutes, the sender of the puzzling "thingy" receives cash!  

The "thingy" round
The guessing team are handed the "dohickey" and must guess for what or how the object was used. The quiz is solved with a short video clip.  

The team "thingy"
Instead of clues from the host, there are objects which point to the right answer. But watch out! Sometimes you have to think a bit further...  

True or false round
One "dohickey" - two films. But only one of them is correct  

The studio "thingy" round
The studio host himself demonstrates the use of the last respective dohickey from an episode.  

Unusual utensils, mystical objects from grandma's past or strange items of daily use. The guessing team speculates in all directions and looks for the best explanations.