Country Women Cooking

A cooking competition that whets the appetite for nature and hearty meals.

One old bus, seven pleasant country women and a whole lot of recipes: In COUNTRY WOMEN COOKING seasoned country women meet a culinary challenge and invite each other to enjoy a rustic menu. There's lots of fine food and passion for cooking here! Regional products, as well as those from their own farms, are used here with lots of imagination to create a delicious menu. In the end, though, it's all about honor. Who cooks the finest meal and who takes home the winner's title?

COUNTRY WOMEN COOKING not only awakens a desire to cook these meals at home: pleasure and nature stand at the forefront, as well as the lives of these women and their families. Whoever watches and listens to them quickly realizes that their daily life is no vacation on the farm. Nonetheless these country women radiate an inner satisfaction that can only be achieved when one works at what one really loves doing.

Whether the country women choose to win points using traditional recipes or innovative culinary creations is up to them. Which menu tastes the best and convinces with its seasonal and regional qualities? Finding that out is the task of the other country women. In grading the 3-course menu not only taste counts but also ambience and decoration - because eating is also a visual pleasure. In the finale the country women meet again one last time for a spectacular cooking event to celebrate the winner of the competition.

88 x 48'
Further 8 episodes by the end of 2018