Cold Heart

Cold Heart is the story of Peter, who is born with three wishes, but squanders them all and trades his heart to a forest spirit for a rock. But when he realizes he has no joy with a heart of stone, he has to trick the spirit to get his heart back.

Young coal-maker Peter Munk was born on a Sunday, so he has three wishes granted from the magic Glass Man. Peter wastes the first wish by asking to be able to dance and always have enough money. His second wish is more practical: He wants to own a glassworks. At first Peter is successful, but then he gambles away all he owns and has to sell his heart to an evil wood spirit, Dutch Michael, who promises him infinite wealth in exchange. But with a stone for a heart, Peter knows no more love and no more joy. He even winds up killing his wife Elisabeth by accident. In despair, he begs the good Glass Man to help him. But first he'll have to trick Dutch Michael and get his heart back.

This classic German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff was shot on location amid the romantic Black Forest.