Asepsis - Ignatz Semmelweis, Joseph Lister (34/108)

In the series important inventions and discoveries from the spheres of geoscience and civil engineering are presented. The viewer gains insight into both the scientific and the socio-political background of a discovery or an invention. Pioneers of science are portrayed, subjects of research are presented and their further development up to the present day is traced. The process and functioning of the research objects are explained by means of computer animation. Dramatized scenes shed light on the working conditions and methods of the scientists. Particularly impressive are the historical film documents, some of which date back to the early years of cinematography. Bis Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts starben viele Patienten an den Folgen von eigentlich gelungenen Operationen. Die Ursache waren Infektionen der Operationswunde. Abhilfe schufen hier zwei Konzepte. Das von Ignaz Semmelweis geschaffene Konzept des aseptischen Arbeitens und die antiseptische Methode von Joseph Lister. Der Film zeigt wie beide Konzepte die Erfolge der modernen Chirurgie erst ermöglicht haben.

WorldMediaFestival 2007 - GRAND Award for "Documentaries" WorldMediaFestival 2007 - GOLD Award for "Documentaries: Research and Science"