Around the Arctic Circle

66º 34' North marks the magic border to the Arctic, where nature reigns supreme and airplanes, dogsleds, snowmobiles and horses are the only means of transport.

Only four million people live in the vast region north of the Arctic Circle. Here nature reigns supreme, man has to adjust in a constant tug-of-war between tradition and progress. The film crews travel to the most remote regions of the world. In Canada, they meet daredevil pilots and gold diggers, in the Siberian tundra they share the archaic life of reindeer nomads. In Murmansk, the only Arctic city, they accompany a Russian oligarch, and accompany Inuit children in Greenland who go searching for their roots and discover their future instead.  And they join 500 inhabitants of a Norwegian island for the northernmost rock festival in the world.  This six-part doc series recounts tales from the edge of the world: The difficult and beautiful moments in the lives of Inuit kids, of prospecting adventures, lonely reindeer breeders and daring polar pilots.