Anna and the Wild Animals

Anna whisks us away to the wonderful world of wild animals, with each episode dedicated to a fun and fascinating species in its natural habitat.

Anna travels around the world in search of wild animals in their natural habitats. Each episode is dedicated to a certain animal. She encounters dolphins in Florida or polar bears in Canada, talking to experts on the species, who work with them and fight for their preservation.

Before setting out on her expeditions, she prepares by finding out everything she can about the animal she's investigating in each episode. But she still has a lot of questions to ask the experts in the field. She meets people who have dedicated themselves to working with wild animals, to find out more about how the animals live and how to help them. Anna rolls up her sleeves and helps out herself, too. She learns about what's important taking care of wild animals, the problems animals have in a world shaped by human beings, and what it takes to release them back into the wild.

24 x 25 min, to be continued

"Anna and the Wild Animals" is the continuation of successful nature series "Paula and the Wild Animals".