7 Dwarves - It's a men's thing

Beyond the Seven Mountains, in the depths of the enchanted forest live the most famous bachelors in history: The Seven Dwarves. Now dwarves are not gnomes or midgets in pointy caps, dwarves are men who live according to a strict code of honor. And one of the many popular misconceptions is that they are small. Just because dwarves may start out small - like everybody else for that matter - doesn't mean they stay small. In fact, they are far, far more big-hearted than most people. As the saying goes: size doesn't matter.   The Seven Dwarves have lived in the remote forest for ages, by choice - a 'female-free zone' so to speak. They know only too well how heartless women can be and prefer harmony to heartbreak. But when Snow White enters their lives - on the run from the evil Queen - they lose it, totally. They simply can't resist her innocent charm. And when the Queen, disguised as a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman, abducts Snow White in a coffin-sized Tupperware container, the Seven Dwarves set out for the mighty castle on a perilous adventure to rescue her from a fate worse than death?   SEVEN DWARVES is the Brothers Grimm as you've never seen them before.