The Night in Question

Newly married lawyer CLARA ANDERSEN (35) is willing to go beyond all moral and ethical boundaries to have her father, CARSTEN ANDERSEN (55) declared innocent after he is accused of raping her friend LEONIE NOVAK (32) at a family party.

The case leaks to the press and becomes a scandal, putting Clara and her entire family in the spotlight. Clara finds out that her father and her friend Leonie had an affair. So she gets more and more doubts about Leonie’s statement. Because Clara’s father admits to having had an intimate relationship with Leonie, but says he was never violent. Even before the investigation is completed, the prosecution threatens to destroy her father Carsten, who is a well-known musician. A trial is set to take place in which everyone involved will change their position on the facts of the case. Leonie will ask herself if she really said no. Carsten will deal with whether he perceived the limits of the woman he loves. Clara will try everything to protect her family, but bit by bit she will see how the truths on which she has built her life slowly fall apart.

The story is told from three perspectives: That of the perpetrator, that of the victim and that of
our protagonist, the daughter of the perpetrator. In the process, the explosive question is raised:
At what point is a rape actually a rape?