Another Love

Physiotherapist Julika is  young, attractive, mother of two sweet children - and a widow. Two years ago, her husband Michi died in an accident. Julika still misses him sorely, even regularly leaves him a voicemail. Nevertheless, she rushes headlong into an affair with the easygoing bicycle city guide Konstantin. Suddenly life is full of lightness again, full of magic and adventure. But is this really love?

Can there be a new great love for Julika after her great love Michi? For her loving but sometimes overbearing parents-in-law Georg and Christa the case is clear: The affair with Konstantin can only be an "animalistic" aberration. After Michi's death, the family is very attached to each other, even lives together on the same property. But with Konstantin, the whole family structure is thrown into disarray. And how sure can Julika be of Konstantin, who until now has never really wanted to commit himself?

Another Love is a film about true love, including past love and future love. With almost 6 million viewers for the first broadcast.