Modern Dad

Life is great for pre-school teacher and full-time dad Freddy until his wife Juliana is offered a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity that will upend their lives completely – is it for better or worse though?

Freddy is a modern dad: while his wife Juliana commutes to Zürich for work, he looks after their 13-year old Zoë and little Niko, while also working as the newly appointed head of a pre-school. Freddy has his own pedagogical theories and is excited to finally have the chance to implement them. But Juliana has news. She has been offered the role of head of pediatric oncology and wants to move the whole family to Zürich. No more stressful commuting, more time with the family and more money. It’s a huge decision, made more difficult by the surprise arrival of Freddy’s dad, Fritz who he hasn’t seen in 18 years and young Zoë being caught shoplifting. Does Freddy have too many plates in the air or can this modern man have it all?

In her TV debut, award-winning director Katja Benrath plays with our preconceptions of gender role models in a charming and entertaining way, while still asking the very relevant question as to which work is valued more: career or care work.