Can you make an old locomotive fly? You bet! To protect Morrowland from the notorious pirate gang “The Wild 13”, Jim Button and his best friend, the engine driver Luke, make Emma airworthy and set off on a dangerous journey, where Jim’s most fervent wish might come true: to find out the truth about his mysterious origins.

Dark clouds are gathering over the tranquil island of Morrowland, the home of twelve-year old Jim and his best friend, the engine driver Luke: the notorious pirate gang “The Wild 13” has learned that the dragon Mrs Grindtooth has been conquered by Jim and Luke and now swears revenge! To protect Morrowland from another threat, the two of them set off with their steam engines Emma and Molly on a dangerous journey where Jim's most fervent wish might also come true: he wants at last to find out the truth about his mysterious origins.

JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 is the live-action adaptation of Michael Ende's global bestseller, translated into 25 languages, with over 5 million books sold. With the main roles shot in English language, it is one of the most spectacular and expensive feature film productions in the history of German cinema. Hit producer Christian Becker („Vicky The Viking“, „Hui Buh – The Goofy Ghost“) and director Dennis Gansel („The Wave“, „Mechanic: Resurrection“) have not spared on special effects and paid great attention to detail when translating the timeless story of friendship, loyalty and courage into fascinating images as a great fantasy adventure for every generation.

JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 is a production of Rat Pack Filmproduktion, in co-production with Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany, JM Filmproduktionsgesellschaft, Michael Ende Productions and Malao Film as well as Moonlighting Films as a service producer in South Africa.


– Press Clippings –

“The fantastically adventurous return to Lummerland is a must see for Jim Knopf fans.”


“A clear recommendation and even better than the very good first part. Even the extremely critical Michael Ende would certainly have been satisfied here.”


“Jim Knopf and the Wild 13” follows on from the previous one and tells how the two heroes go on a journey again. Dealing with the topics of home and identity and some nice ideas towards the end help ensure that the second adventure is also a tip for the next family evening.”


“This leads you into many adventurous situations in which comedy, action and drama are about in balance. The visually impressive children's film proves to be more topical than ever in its slightly philosophical search for identity and the meaning of life.”


„The fantasy story, which is rich in peculiar locations and fairytale-like creatures, is visually very appealing with many real-life scenery. The film, directed by Dennis Gansel, creates an engaging mixture of tension and nostalgic magic..“


Bavarian Film Award 2021 (Germany): "Best Kids Movie 2020"
Ghent Film Festival 2021 (Belgium)WORLD SOUNDTRACK AWARDS - PUBLIC CHOICE AWARD 2021 (to: Ralf Wengenmayr)

CINEMATIC EUROPEAN Film Festival 2022 (Romania): BEST ORIGINAL SCORE (to: Ralf Wengenmayr)
Stockholm City Film Festival 2022 (Sweden): Best Cinematograhy Award
Golden Harvest FF 2022 (Japan): Best Feature Film
Beijing International Children's Film Festival 2022 (China): Best Feature Film Award
Worcester Film Festival 2022 (UK): Best Feature Film 2022
Children's International Film Festival of Wales CIFFOW (UK) 2022: Best Film Adult & Professional 2022
BlueSky Film & Music Film Festival, Prague (CZ) 2022: FANTASY section - BEST FILM award
76. Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno (Italy) 2022: Best Foreign Feature Film
Milton Keynes IFF (UK) 2022: Best Feature Film ; Best Visual Effects and Animation