Buried Truth - Season 3

When Rosa takes on her latest case, she never suspects the darkness that she and her partner Kägi will have to confront.

Ronnie Volkert is lying in a pool of his own blood, having fallen from the roof of a parking garage. It looks like murder. There's a particular detail to note: Volkert is a colleague, a police officer in the drugs unit. In-house, people suspected he was bent, which is why he had been on Kägi's radar (and that of the Federal Criminal police) for a while now. There is no lack of leads for our investigators to follow; Volkert had many enemies within the service.

Then a shocking video is released on the Internet: it shows Volkert, tied to a chair, shortly before his death. Evidently, he had been kidnapped and forced to confess: pleading for his life, the police officer admits that on a case three years previously he had, in a fit of rage, thrown a young drug dealer from a roof. Was Volkert's murder an act of revenge?

When a second police officer is murdered shortly afterwards, someone who was also responsible for an other's death – the investigators realize that they are dealing with a serial killer, who is targeting "black sheep" within the force and executing them very publicly and in a very media-savvy way. As Rosa and Kägi become increasingly embroiled in a grim game of cat and mouse, the public becomes increasingly uneasy and divided. Some view the mysterious avenger as a just fighter taking on those who abuse their power, others become increasingly concerned about the safety of the state.

Finally, the investigators also appear to come into the murderer's crosshairs: Kägi disappears without a trace! Rosa is fighting on all fronts; even her little family is at risk of falling apart amid the storm of these events.

And yet the most difficult test still awaits her. When she uncovers the terrible secret that triggered all these murders, she is forced to recognize that evil is much closer to her than she could ever have dreamed.