Petronella Applewitch

A magical garden full of fun creatures, two children and a chaotic apple witch – welcome to the adventurous world of Petronella Applewitch, heroine of a bestselling book series; and now at the centre of a beautifully animated series for kids aged 4-8.

Life is never boring when your best friend is an apple witch! 134 years old (but very young at heart), Petronella loves her garden and all the creatures in it, from a goofy bunch of apple stick men to grumpy goblin Thornbush. She uses all her magical powers to care for them, but her magic is… well, powerful but improvised. She magics herself into the form of strict witch-in-chief Pestilla but forgets the spell to transform herself back when Pestilla arrives. She comes up with a new type of apple, but when she and her friends try them, they become invisible! She creates a second version of herself which ends up spreading havoc throughout the garden…
Luckily, there are the 9-year-old twins Leah and Louis who live in the old miller’s house next door. They always find clever ways to help solve Petronella’s hiccups and all the other challenges in the garden - whether it's goblin Thornbush trying to thwart a party; cheeky gnome Nicky stealing Petronella's book of spells; or the curious apple stick men getting stuck in the kneading machine in the bakery owned by the kids’ parents.
But Petronella’s biggest and most important task is to protect the garden from the outside world. Together with her two best friends, she does everything to keep the garden’s mysteries a secret from the twins’ parents and other nosy visitors – while all the time maintaining the appearance of a smoothly-run garden regime in front of the meticulous witch-in-chief.
And when the day’s work is done, what could be more fun than to hang out in Petronella’s apple house, celebrate magical birthdays, or go for joyrides on Petronella’s broom together.

PETRONELLA APPLEWITCH offers a world of friendship, imagination and a love of nature, packed into 39 x 11 min full of comedy and action. This animation series is lovingly produced by experienced production companies with a strong track record in extremely successful adaptations of German-language bestsellers for children, for the big and small screen alike.

Based on the bestselling novels by Sabine Städing and Sabine Büchner

Watch episodes with engl. subtitles:

Season 1

Episode 1: The Broom-in-Chief

Episode 2: We shrunk Dad

Episode 3: A friendly Gnome

Episode 4: A surprise Picnic

Episode 5: Game interrupted

Episode 10: The enchanted Bakery

Season 2

Episode 1: What's Up with Thornbush?

Episode 5: Mrs. Sander got the Blues

Episode 13: The Doppelganger