Plan A

Based on a true story. In 1945, a group of Jewish holocaust survivors planned to poison the water system in Germany, killing back 6 million Germans. The film tells the dangerous and bold secret-operation which was called "PLAN A".

Germany 1945, Max, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, meets a radical group of Jewish resistance fighters, who, like him, lost all hope for their future after they were robbed of their existence and their entire families were killed by the Nazis. They dream of retaliation on an epic scale for the Jewish people. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Max starts identifying with the group's monstrous plans...

In the post-World War II drama PLAN A stars “A Hidden Life” actor August Diehl alongside “Blade Runner 2049”‘s Sylvia Hoeks. The film addresses profound questions about justice, revenge and morality, dealing with the primal feelings of human nature after surviving unimaginable cruelties. PLAN A is an important and different kind of Holocaust film, and one based on a true story. Revenge is a strong primary feeling that releases a lot of destructive power and dangerous potential, even in people with a moral conscience. This conflict is the dramatic engine of that story. Written and directed by Yoav and Doron Paz (“Phobidilia”, “The Golem”) PLAN A has been produced by Skady Lis (Getaway Pictures), Minu Barati (Jooyaa Film) and the Israeli producers Chilik Michaeli and Avraham Pirchi (UCM).

– Press Clippings – 

"Authentic visuals, top actors and a masterfully composed finale make this historical thriller drama a riveting treat despite its dark subject matter and silly title."
Oliver Kube, Bild & BZ  

"The film uses gritty imagery and is grippingly acted. Moving."
Münchner Merkur & Westdeutsche Zeitung

"Impressive drama based on true events: Captivatingly told and impressively acted. [...] PLAN A is a cinematically successful feature film on all levels, but more important than its settings is its attitude. For here, from filmmakers of the young Jewish tradition keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. That PLAN A does this with the means of entertainment cinema, without once stumbling with false tones or simplifications, is an amazing achievement."
German Film and Media Rating (FBW)

"The Israeli directors Yoav and Doron Paz have staged the film as a personal story - with the fictional character of Max as the red thread. Although August Diehl plays his role closed and without much emotion in his face, he manages impressively to transport the feeling of inner turmoil, unspeakable pain and rage to the outside world. The rest of the ensemble is also convincing in its roles, including Sylvia Hoeks ('Blade Runner 2049') and Nikolai Kinski as radical Nakam members. [...] 'Plan A' takes on the subject not brutally and bloodthirstily, but subtly and oppressively. It's a look at the Holocaust as you probably haven't seen it before."
Tonia Hysky, Nordwest Zeitung