Buried Truth II - The Past Never Rests

Three years after the events in Oberwies, Rosa is now a renowned profiler – and mother of a three-year old son. Her new case takes her to Thallingen, a remote village in the Bernese Jura, where a gruesome triple murder has shocked the community to its core. Was this an account being settled amongst drug traffickers? Or has the case got something to do with an old secret involving the highly respected local Mulliger clan? Three years have passed since the events in Oberwies. Rosa has cut all ties to her home village; all she wants now is to leave the past firmly behind her. She currently lives in a small town in the foothills of the Bernese Jura, together with her mother Christine and her three-year old son Tim. On a cool autumn morning, the picturesque village of Thallingen, nestled in a remote valley in the region, is rocked by a horrifying discovery: three dead bodies lying in the forest; they had been shot. Slumped inside the vehicle are Faton Berisha and Rushit Kabashi, while the body of Corinne Steiger lies cold on the forest path. At first glance there is no connection between the victims. But it doesn’t take long for the first racist comments to be muttered in the village, and Rosa is brought in to take on the case. The evidence leads in multiple directions. Faton had a record for drugs offenses; as a result, Rosa is assigned assistance in the form of an officer from France, the ambitious Jamel Jaoui. Rushit was the eldest son of the Kabashi family, who run a pizzeria on the edge of the village; he had been involved in a secret affair which even now is a more highly charged subject than it appears. For her part, Corinne Steiger was looking into an old secret involving the Mulliger family, long-standing residents of Thallingen. A secret that threatens to cast quite a different light on the respected family. The young Simon Kägi also becomes a person of interest in the investigations. He was involved with Adelina Kabashi, a relationship that was only grudgingly tolerated by her family. He had had a huge argument on the evening of the murder with Adelina's brother Rushit and his friend Faton. Shortly afterwards, the two men lay dead in pools of their own blood. As if Rosa doesn't have enough to deal with, it transpires that Simon's uncle is none other than Manfred Kägi! Kägi has since retired from the force and now lives alone on a campsite by the lake. But when his nephew is suspected of murder, he too arrives to look into the case – making things a great deal more difficult for Rosa.