Kill Pinochet

While Chile lived one of the cruelest dictatorships under Augusto Pinochet, only some daring few considered the impossible: to kill the tyrant. Physical education teacher Ramiro, psychologist Tamara, and Sasha, born in the slum, schedule their armed attack for a Sunday afternoon in 1986...

Ramiro, a former physical education teacher who has devoted himself to the armed struggle, forgetting about personal relationships; Sacha, a humble young man from the slums in Santiago, a football enthusiast with no political training and Tamara, an attractive psychologist who left behind a high class family to live underground and become the only woman with a commander rank in the Patriotic Front : all of them have a common goal - to kill Pinochet.

Based on the true story of a failed attack launched by an armed wing of the Chilean Communist Party, Juan Ignacio Sabatini delivers a stunning directorial debut with this burning and character-driven political thriller.



Nomination for the Platino Awards in the category Best Opera Prima 2021, Madrid/Spain