1989 - A Spy Story

Saskia Starke is a double agent, working for the CIA and for the East German Stasi. When the Berlin Wall comes down, her carefully constructed double identity threatens to fall apart around her.

Double agent Saskia Starke is in a bind when East Germany starts to fall apart. She leads a life organized by the Stasi secret service. She lives in West Berlin, married to German-American Richard, with whom she has two children and a job in the US Embassy, working for the CIA. Thus the Stasi has managed to place her as a double agent right in the lion's den of the enemy. But then something happens no one expected in a thousand years: The Berlin Wall falls. It's a turning point in Saskia's life, which was based on a lie, and now starts falling apart. Her decision is clear: she wants to stick to her life in the West, loosing her children and her beloved husband is no option for her. But will she be able to hide her Stasi past when legendary CIA agent Jeremy Redman shows up? When rumor has it, an East German defector might unveil Stasi-Identities, the catastrophe seems unavoidable.

A historical spy thriller about false identities, the loss of utopian ideals and the unsolved riddle of the missing Rosenholz files. Based on real events. Directed by Sven Bohse ("Ku'damm 56” & “Ku’damm 59") and featuring an A-list cast of Petra Schmidt-Schaller ("Unknown Identity", "Stereo", "The Final Journey") as Stasi double agent and Ulrich Thomsen ("Small Town Killers", "Banshee", "Brothers") as her CIA nemesis.