ZombieLars Season 3

As we enter season 3, the Coalition Against Everything Strange (CAES) have won the local election. Being a ninja, witch or living unliving has become downright dangerous.
Lars and his mum are in hiding. Anna is barely allowed outside to train with the school gym team. But that’s not really what she’s doing; this is just a cover to let her spend time with her friends – and to find Lars. For his part, Lars does not want to live in hiding. And Tess struggles to keep her inner witch to herself when the stranger haters take over the school. Robert does his best to keep the gang together and sabotage the plans of the CAES. Eventually, the kids manage to defy their parents and reunite. But sticking together in these new times is proving difficult.
Anna doubts her feelings for Lars. Maybe they should just be friends? Lars needs to prove his love for her, and show that he can face difficulties without dying inside.
At the school, the CAES wants all kids who are strangers to wear badges sewn on to their clothes with the letter “F” on them, (F for “fremmed” = “stranger”). This is a scary proposition for principal Torill’s children too, since Herman and Caroline are half trolls. Also, Torill is offered the position of advisor to the populist mayor (and stranger hater) Bastian Berg. There is love in the air…
Torill’s daughter Caroline begins to rebel against her mother. Her inner troll is surfacing. Torill issues an ultimatum: Caroline must pull herself together and shun her stranger friends, or move out into the woods. She chooses the woods. She wants to search for her true self and maybe even her father. Our friends decide to go after her.
In turn, Torill must overcome her fears and also enter the woods. She must find Caroline before Caroline finds her father.
Surprising strangers are encountered in the woods: a therapy group for gnomes, a heavy metal band of trolls, and a family of ghosts. Our foursome runs into Torill, who is in a predicament. She tells them Caroline’s father is a monster, and that Caroline will be lost forever if she finds him. Believing her, the gang helps save Torill – but there’s something not quite right with her story.
The climax comes when everyone converges on an eerie bunker in the woods…


Nominated for Rocki Awards at BANFF 2018

Kidscreen award 2019: Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series