Roommate Wanted

As house prices soar, sharing a home is becoming the new norm for many adults. But many are also finding new ways to cohabit and discovering that they enjoy their new lifestyle.

"Self-sufficient farm seeks sociable house mate, who is also willing to pitch in.” "Three "Golden Girls" seek a prince, who will help them in their everyday lives and in return save quite a bit on rent."

People of all ages are discovering the fun that comes from new forms of cohabitation. But home-share interviews are like a striptease for the soul: both sides must discover in a very brief period of time whether they suit one another and therefore have to disclose some things about themselves. In the documentary, this exciting phase is run as a form of regional speed dating for a room vacancy. In every episode, one unusual home-sharing community seeks one or more perfect house mates, who are usually required to take on additional roles. Applicants from all around the world clamor to move in. In the process, not only will we get a view behind the usually closed doors of the existing residents, we should also get to know the region from their perspective. Because most people have good reason for living where they live. In the end, we will see how everyone gets on after the new roommates have moved in - whether it's happy ever after or a complete disaster.

As house prices and rents soar, cohabitation has become an increasingly popular social trend. Exciting insights in a documentary style: an entertaining show with its finger on the very pulse of our times.